Freight shipping services

For the past 35 years, we’ve been arranging freight shipments for businesses of all sizes. Whether your freight shipping services required are LTL, truckload, intermodal, international, or something else entirely, we’re here to serve you.

Just sit back and focus on your core business – and we’ll get your product where it needs to go, no matter what.

Our Solutions

Not sure which solution you need that fits your business needs?
No problem, we've got you covered.

Over the Road Solutions

Our National service offering is the largest, most comprehensive refrigerated transportation solution in the industry, spanning the entire continental U.S. Our National team has the capacity and experience to serve every critical need, from routine freight transport to timely surge response.

Regional Solutions

Muhd Corp provides flexible, short haul transportation services through our Regional division, strategically positioned throughout the United States. Whether your cargo requires expedited movement, a climate-controlled environment, or secure transit, Muhd Cargo has a solution.

Dedicated Solutions

If it’s a tailor-made service you’re looking for, our over 7 years of industry experience will set you up for success. We can create, convert or supplement your existing transportation, so that you can focus on what’s important, your business. We deliver the product so you can focus on the business.

Mexico Solutions

Muhd Corp is well equipped to handle your transportation needs into and out of Mexico. We deliver a team of quality people, late model equipment, and innovative technology that makes your transnational shipping across the U.S.-Mexico border seamless.

Intermodal Solutions

Innovation is key in this day and age, but so are savings and a green footprint. Our intermodal solution offers rail service using the next generation of transportation, our TempStack technology, across a long-established railroad.

Part Load Haulage

We’ll navigate a safe passage for your imports and exports.


Our dry and temperature-controlled LTL shipping solutions are built to deliver success.

Specialty Freight Services

For those shipments that don’t quite fit into any other category.

Logistics & Technology

In the fast-paced and overwhelming world of logistics, you need a partner who is flexible and poised to support your constantly evolving needs.

On top of our freight shipping services, we also offer transportation management software, logistics consulting, warehousing, and a wide range of other logistics services.